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Membership in the Smiths Falls and District Arts and Culture Council opens the door to many routes and destinations. Benefits include affiliation with like-minded people, access to relevant information and professional  resources, as well as opportunities to network with members of the local arts and cultural community.


Members who attend the Annual General Meeting can elect Directors to the Board and can themselves stand for election to the Board. They can also attend our monthly Board meetings as well as invitation-only events, such as our annual award reception.


Members can join committees that run the Arts Council and pitch in to carry out activities which include events, communications, finances and membership.


Imagination, focus and memories achieve far more together than alone, even when fortunes are scarce. Aspects of our mission can apply directly to you if you wish to see them fulfilled in this place that you call home.


We need people just like you


If you have toiled away for years and now you are retired or are a homemaker why waste that magnificent brain and those wonderful talents when you can put them to good use?

If you are students in or out of school and know what you need to advance your educational and career goals then both can be found and used by volunteering for non-profit organizations like ours.


As a newcomer, you may want to integrate into your new home quickly. Becoming a member allows you to get to know key people and resources within your community.


Building a local arts and cultural community is not rocket science, but it takes time, dedication and persistence. It also takes a willingness to step back and see the bigger picture to connect the dots.


There are already many artists and artisans in the local scene and they need your help to make change happen.

The SFDACC welcomes volunteers to help us conduct the activities that fulfill our mandate. These activities include attending a monthly committee meeting and performing committee tasks.


Using a monthly meeting is also where members contribute the information and knowledge they have.


Tasks can include information-gathering, contacting people or meeting with them. They may also include writing/producing documents, number-crunching, distributing documents, organizing events and other volunteers.


Arts Councils are vessels that perform specific tasks in local waters. To be on this crew, these valuable skills can help:


Conceptualization and analytical abilities


Verbal communication and written skills.


Ability to work with a group

Realistic worldview

Creative Drive and Energy



Join our crew today!


Annual Membership Fees


Individual                $20

Organization          $100

Sponsorship           $150

Patron                     $250


 If you are representing an organization such as an institution or a corporation, select “organization”. If you have the means and want to show how much you care about arts and culture here, select “patron”. By joining the SFDACC Membership  you will become eligible to vote at our annual general meeting.

Contact us at for more information.

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