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Susan Richards


Susan Richards was the recipient of the award for years of contributions to many of artistic and cultural experiences primarily the Celebration of Lights and Movies Under the Stars.


“Susan always finds ways in which she can better her community either by taking charge of projects or working behind the scenes," said Lynda Daniluk of the SFDACC.


Richards told the Record News. “For me, whether it is offering support to a parent of a child with a disability, sitting on a committee, providing free outdoor movies or

Christmas light displays, helping someone on Facebook to find a product or service,

or sharing information about an upcoming event on my Community Events page, it is always about helping others in some way.”

Richards said the Celebration of Lights and Movies Under the Stars are two of her

favourite events. “I know (they) had an impact on tens of thousands of people over

the past eight years,” she said. “Seeing that smile on someone’s face as they enjoyed

our event is all the recognition I needed, but it is an honour to be recognized by the

Smiths Falls & District Arts & Culture Council for my contributions to our


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