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Emily Duberville


Emily Duberville is the mother of two who has lived in Smiths Falls with her family for the last 28 years. Her “day job” for 20 years was teaching at our local Nursery Rhyme daycare, where she used “free exploration” of multimedia.  She proudly explained this method saying, “They explore the materials and do what they want to do.”

Each child was encouraged to create their own personal style and as a result many of her former students have won awards for their art work in later years and attribute this, in part, to those early experiences.

Emily, an artist in her own right, was one of the original members of the Smiths Falls and District Arts Council serving on the executive for several years as its secretary.

It seemed to be a natural fit for Emily to volunteer her talents at the local Station Theatre and we know the Smiths Falls Community Theatre was lucky to have her as she applied her considerable skills in so many areas; directing, costuming, scenery, set dressing, makeup. In short, whatever was needed to help with a production.

Her real love is working with young people.  This lead to her directing the theater's annual Christmas pageant with great success. The show nearly sells out every year.

As if this wasn’t enough, Emily is also a playwright. FORT HEMLOCK is an adaptation to a Smiths Falls legend using a child friendly point of view and is her first produced play which was very big success. 

The Smiths Falls Community Theatre showcased it at the Station Theatre the summer of 2017. It filled the seats, received high praise and was enjoyed by all ages.

Here is a sample of what audiences members said: "Hats off to everyone for a fabulous premiere!" “The sets were wonderful – transforming a street scene to a
hotel was amazing to watch,” said Nancy Grundy from North Gower, “And the kids were
really fun.”


It is time for our town through this prestigious award, to recognize the theatrical and visual arts.  It is very fitting to have the recipient for 2017 be Emily Duberville.

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