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Nate Athanasiou: lantern
Nate Athanasiou: morpheus fake sc
Nate Athanasiou: the hunter
Nate Athansaiou: thems a walking
Congratulations to Nate Athanasiou, the SFDACC Student Arts Bursary Recipient for 2021

We are delighted to be able to announce that Nate Athanasiou from SFDCI is our Student Arts Bursary recipient for 2021.  He received an award of $200.  Nate is recognized for his talent in his studies in Design Foundations with a particular interest in graphics. 


Nate says, "my work means a lot to me, from the smallest of doodles to complete pieces. Expressing my love and interests through my work has always meant a lot to me, and sharing it with likeminded people at the end is the best part. Supporting my fellow artists has always come first to me, from commissioning them, to drawing their characters. Hopefully in the field, pursuing my craft at Algonquin College, I can support them even further and become more accomplished. I never expected this to become such a big part of my life, but I'm glad it has. I'm ready for my future at college, but college is not ready for me." 


We congratulate Nate on his

accomplishments so far with all good

wishes for future success with his

creative pursuits.

images: courtesy of Nate Athanasiou

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